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We offer Iron, Copper & Plastic pipework


Providing an effective and safe way of transporting flammable gas, water or electricity, our pipework is ideal for large commercial and industrial premises and our experienced and highly skilled team of engineers can install it to your exact specifications.

A completely bespoke service, our pipework installations are of the highest quality and having worked in the industry for over 40 years, we are perfectly placed to ensure that you never need to look for another pipework company ever again.

Pipework in Kent

Whether you need an iron, copper or plastic pipe, our experienced team of engineers will install it for you to ensure accurate and efficient transport of gas, water or electricity through your factory, plant or commercial property.

Iron, Copper & Plastic

Iron Pipes


Ideal for the supply of water or flammable gases to your property, our iron pipework is used in many commercial and industrial properties across the South East and can convey heating or cooling water to exchangers, air handlers, air conditioning machines, boilers or industrial heaters.

Copper Pipes


Most commonly used by commercial and industrial property owners for the supply of hot and cold water, our expertly installed and fitted copper pipes are ideal for air conditioning systems and industrial heaters. Although the price of copper is rapidly increasing, our copper pipework is incredibly corrosion resistant and offers great value for money.

Plastic Pipes


Used specifically for air conditioning and ventilation systems, our plastic pipes are incredibly cost effective and provide similarly high levels of functionality compared to our copper and iron pipework.

We provide our pipework installation services for commercial and industrial customers from across London, Surrey, Kent and the South East, including the City, Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark, Orpington, Dartford, Canterbury, Rainham, Gillingham, Rochester, Maidstone, Brighton and Reigate.

If you would like any more information about our range of pipework and how it can help your property, speak to the specialists here at Stonegrove Ltd. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.