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As a completely bespoke service, we can tailor our installation around your specific requirements.

Split System Heat Pumps

Providing an efficient and effective way of heating or cooling your commercial or industrial property, our Split System Heat Pumps are ideal for factories, large commercial sites and plants.

Utilising our 40 years experience in the industry, our highly skilled and experienced team can install your completely bespoke split system heat pumps to the highest possible standards.

Our heat pumps work by absorbing heat that passes over the coil in the external compressor. This heat is then increased to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit before moving through copper piping into the internal unit. As it moves over the coil in the internal unit it is passed through into the ventilation ducts, which release the heat into the property.

As a completely bespoke service, we can tailor our installation around your specific requirements and we can provide expert advice and guidance as to the suitability of the system and where the units should be located.

Requires minimal interior space

As our split system heat pumps are installed with an internal and an external unit, minimal interior space is required. With the compressor unit being located externally, only a small coil and fan are required internally, meaning that our heat pumps are not only effective but also incredibly unobtrusive.

Quiet & Efficient

As the compressor is located outside, noise levels internally are incredibly low, meaning that employees and customers are able to use the facilities in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Our pumps can even be used to cool properties

The internal unit can also be used to cool your commercial or industrial property. As heat passes through the inner coil it is transported through the copper piping to the outdoor unit’s compressor. This is then released into the outside air, leaving your property feeling cool and refreshing.

We provide our split system heat pump installation service for commercial and industrial customers across London, Surrey, Kent and the South East, including the City, Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark, Orpington, Dartford, Canterbury, Rainham, Gillingham, Rochester, Maidstone, Brighton and Reigate.

For more information about our split system heat pump services, please do not hesitate to speak to the air conditioning experts at Stonegrove Ltd. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your requirements.