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VRV Systems

Variable Refrigerant Volume

Offering total versatility and an energy efficient alternative to many other air conditioning units on the market, our VRV systems are ideal for commercial and industrial property owners looking for a cost effective cooling or heating solution.

Known as Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, our VRV air conditioning equipment features internal and external units and can be used on a variety of different commercial and industrial properties, including factories, retail outlets, plants, warehouses and engineering facilities.

Available in a wide range of different models, including floor mounted, wall mounted, ceiling suspended and ceiling cassette, our VRV systems are incredibly easy to install and maintain and like our VRF units, they are incredibly quiet.

Flexible and versatile
As our VRV systems feature an internal and external unit, the possibilities are limitless and the air cooled condensing units can be located anywhere outside, especially on roof tops or storage facilities. In the case of high rise buildings, they can also be located on each floor and as they are externally based, only limited amounts of room are taken up internally unlike many other air conditioning units available on the market.

Temperature Control

VRV Controls

Heating and cooling options
As an energy efficient alternative to other options on the market, our VRV systems are innovative and practical. Each indoor unit can cool or heat independently of each other and the heat rejected by the cooling system in one room can be recovered to provide heating in another area.

Easy installation and maintenance
As our VRV systems only feature an internal and external unit, they are incredibly simple to install and our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers will install them to the highest possible standard. Equally suited for existing buildings or new builds, the VRV systems require minimal building or electrical work and can be situated anywhere on a property.

Our expert team can also carry out regular maintenance and testing on your bespoke VRV system to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively at all times.

Based in Rochester, Kent, we provide our VRV system installation and maintenance service for commercial and industrial customers across London, Surrey, Kent and the South East, including the City, Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark, Orpington, Dartford, Canterbury, Rainham, Gillingham, Rochester, Maidstone, Brighton and Reigate.

For more information about our VRV systems, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and highly experienced team.

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