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Over twenty five years experience in heating installation, boiler installation, air conditioning, electrical installation and tank/pump refurbishment. Stonegrove is the choice of several councils and major businesses in the South East.

Ventilation Systems

Fresh Air & Extraction Systems

Air Extraction Systems

Designed to accurately moderate and monitor the temperature, quality and humidity of incoming fresh air, our fresh air and extraction systems are ideal for large commercial and industrial properties.

Providing cost effective and energy efficient fresh air ventilation, our systems are expertly installed by our professional, dedicated and highly skilled engineers in offices, factories, plants and large commercial buildings.

Our fresh air ventilation systems work by taking out the dirty indoor air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. During this process heat and humidity are exchanged between exhaust and supply air, which recovers energy loss and brings outdoor air closer to indoor conditions.

Our fresh air ventilation systems can save you money
There is around 28% less load on the air conditioning system when you use our fresh air ventilation system. This is due to the automatic heat exchange and it results in a much lighter and cheaper air conditioning installation.

The exchange also reduces the energy consumption of your air conditioning system and a centralised control system allows you to integrate your ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Designed to Remove the Dirty Air

Dirty Air

Our extraction systems will remove any nasty smells, bacteria and dirty air
Adhere to the latest government legislations about potentially dangerous dusts and vapours and hire Stonegrove Ltd to install a bespoke ventilation extraction system in your property. Exposure limits and emissions to atmosphere are now being closely monitored by the Government and you can be hit hard if you do not comply with their new rules and regulations.

Designed to remove the dirty air, nasty smells and any bacteria from your property, our ventilation extraction systems are ideal for large commercial and industrial plants and sites.

We provide our fresh air and ventilation extraction installation service for commercial and industrial customers across London, Surrey, Kent and the South East, including the City, Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark, Orpington, Dartford, Canterbury, Rainham, Gillingham, Rochester, Maidstone, Brighton and Reigate.

If you would like any more information about how our ventilation system installations can help you and your business, please do not hesitate to speak to the experts here at Stonegrove Ltd. Contact one of our helpful and friendly team today.

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